Traffic Infrastructure Improvements Needed

Commuters from Bournmoor, Great Lumley and Woodstone Village who join the A1 at Chester-le- Street need more consideration from the Council when it comes to rush hour traffic.

With the A1 roundabout at Chester-le-Street only having partial traffic light controls, motorists joining the A1 from Chester Road face a shocking queue of traffic each morning.

Often, the only chance to join the A1 is a few cars at a time as the traffic lights for the other roads entering the roundabout change. Residents using the A1052 also face added traffic woes when turning to or from Chester Road.

Liberal Democrat Campaigners Michael and David are working with Cllr Craig Martin of neighbouring North Lodge, to campaign for improvements to the A1 roundabout, as residents of our villages were overlooked by the recent investment in improving this roundabout. With new housing developments around our villages, this situation is likely to worsen over the coming months and years.

“Living so close to the A1 gives us some great opportunities on our doorstep” said Michael Peacock, Lib Dem Community Campaigner. “However, the queues to roundabout and lack of traffic light control from Chester Road can add some real frustrations to a morning commute”.

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